To survey is: To inspect, examine, ascertain or take a view with attention as from a high place all the parts or particulars of a thing. It denotes more particular and deliberate attention than to look or to see.

– To view with a ‘scrutinizing eye’ all the parts or particulars of a thing.

– In general, survey refers to particular attentive view and examination of anything.

Bible Survey is therefore an inspection, examination, or attentive view of bible books and their respective authors, objectives, themes, and messages in brief. These books are summarized in such a way that the reader could see the bible panoramically.

Lots of Christians “sight-see” through the bible. They read a book, a chapter, a verse at a time, here a little, there a little; but don’t see the bible as one great book with one plan. In this module, I want us to see the bible from great height to obtain the panoramic view of 39 Old Testament books and their contents, and briefly how the Old Testament relates to the New Testament.

In this study, our focus shall be on God’s divine plan for mankind by studying the main Sections of individual books, bringing to attention major points instead of details