Bible College

Soteria Bible Institute (SBI) is an International Interdenominational Bible College that was established to equip and perfect God’s people for Ministry. A correspondence and church-based bible college, SBI is aimed at producing balanced and practical individuals with a desire to change communities, to be effective in practical ministry, the market place, work place and in different spheres of leadership. Powered by the Catch Fire Academy International Curriculum, SBI offers one of the best practical, bible teachings available to disciple believers after Christ. The SBI qualification equips and prepares graduates to fulfil their respective ministries and to lead in every area by applying the knowledge and skills acquired from the programme.

The aim of SBI is to help students develop a strong and deep relationship with the Lord and to make them firm and stable in their walk with the Lord as revealed by the Word through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. SBI is also aimed at preparing students for ministry, leadership and servanthood in the body of Christ and in the work of His kingdom and to ensure that students walk in a correct and clear understanding of the Word of God.


Our Objectives

As an institution, our objectives are:

  • to equip the church for revival (Joel 2: 28-32, Judges 15:3-6)
  • make disciples of all men, offer mentorship (Matthew 28:19-20)
  • to develop sound leadership in the church and in the market place (Haggai 2:6-9; 1 Chronicles 26:30).

Who Should Enrol?

Courses are practical and are geared towards meeting the needs of pastors and leaders as well as ordinary Christians who are not in a position to attend Bible College on a full-time basis. We also encourage those who are young in the Lord to enroll so that spiritual development can take place in an effective manner.


Registration forms are available from the Gateway Church International Office, at the church website or via email.

Code of Conduct

All students are expected to conduct themselves in an exemplary and Godly manner. Any misconduct will result in an immediate suspension or dismissal of the students.
Exams may not be taken unless payment is made.

Meeting Time & Place

Classes take place every Tuesday, February – November, 18hr30 at the GWCI building.

Grading Scale

A: 90-100%
B: 80-89%
C: 70-79%
D: 65-69%
E: 1-64%
REMARK: A: Excellent! B: Very Good! C: Good! D: Pull-up Socks! E: FAIL. NB: Anything below 65% is FAIL.
A student who failed a module shall be given grace for re-write at the discretion of the Bible College; and at a fee determined by the institution.

Duration of the programme

The minimum and maximum study periods are as follows:
A. Certificate: 10 months full-time and two years and six months (i.e. 30 months) correspondence.
B. Diploma: 10 months minimum full-time and three years (i.e. 36 months) correspondense.
NB: A student should pass all the modules required in order to receive Certificate or Diploma.


  • SBI shall keep students informed about when and where the graduation ceremonies will be held.
  • Graduations shall be held yearly at a time and venue determined by SBI Management.
  • Student who have completed Certificate modules shall be allowed to register for Diploma even before he or she graduates for Certificate.
  • The graduation fee must deposited into SBI Bank Account prior to the graduation ceremony
  • Venue, Time and Gowns for graduation are the responsibility of SBI.
  • No student shall be allowed to wear his or her own gown during the SBI graduation ceremony as gowns will be provided by SBI.
Registration: R300
Each Module – Certificate & Diploma: R350
Bachelor: TBC
Late Exam: R100
Exam Rewrite R100
Graduation: R400

Fees may be paid by cash at the church office or the Bible College, or deposits may be made to the SBI’s Current Account:

Account Holder: Catch Fire Academy International

Bank: Standard Bank

Type of Account: Current

Branch: Emalahleni (Saveways)

Account Number: 0300 700 74

Branch Code: 051 001

Year 1 Certificate in Ministry
1. Bible Survey I [BIBS-01]

2. Bible SurveyII [BIBS-02]

3. The Price is Paid [PRIP-01]

4. Christology [CHRIS-01]

5. Life Changer-Homiletics [LICHOM-01]

6. Demonology [DEM-01]

7. Power Dynamics I [POD-01]

8. Prayer Dynamics [PRAD-01]

9. Revival I [REV-01]

10. Poverty Eradication I [PE-01]

Year 2 Diploma in Ministry
1. Health Management [HM-01]

2. Discipleship [DISC-01]

3. Spiritual Maturity [SMAT-01]

4. Pastoral Ministry [PM-01]

5. Poverty Eradication II [PE-01]

6. Power Dynamics II [POD-02]

7. Church Leadership [CL-01]

8. Revival II [REV-02]

9. The Prophetic [PROP-01]

10. Church Planting [CP-01]