Communication Ministry


The ministry strives to bridge a link between GWCI leadership and the entire GWCI community through provision and managing a multi-faceted channels of communication.


Ministry HOD: Mr Elliot Ntuli

Statement of Purpose

To inform, promote, inspire and invite participation in the life, mission and purpose of GWCI through print and electronic media
Essential Function

To oversee anything that people;

  • Read; Would include any written messages communicated from or about the church… be it in print or electronic form.
  • Touch; Would include a newsletter, brochures or anything else that represents the church or has the church logo on it, in print form.
  • Click; Would relate to any form of web based technology, as well as new social networking tools like blogs etc.
Core Beliefs and Objectives

To support the vision and purpose of GWCI through a provision of a multi-faceted communication with the following core strategic objectives:

  • Coherent Promotion of church activities,
  • Improved Communication amongst church members,
  • Making it easy for people to find out about our services and events,
  • Strengthening the Church’s Reputation by developing a clear and consistent image and identity (GWCI Brand).
  • Promote GWCI Inspirational Teachings in and outside church via different media platforms