Discipleship and Counseling Ministry

Discipleship and Counseling Ministry


The ministry’s basic role is to receive new believer and offer them brief altar-call counselling immediately after receiving Christ Jesus as the Lord and Savior of their life. We then proceed by making follow-up on the new converts offering guidance and counselling, then taking then through the new believer’s classes.


Ministry HOD’s: Mr Kgomotso Phukubje

Vision Statement
Committed to service and be in mission with God in making new believers disciples of Jesus Christ.
(Matthew 28:19-20)

Our Mission

– To teach New Believers fundamental truths of Christianity and maturity in Christ
– Show love and care to New Believers.

The New Believer’s Classes

This class takes place every first and second Sunday of the month at the bible college. The purpose of this class is to impart biblical knowledge to new believers. Various subjects like the process of salvation, water baptism and baptism of the Holy Spirit are discussed in detail during these classes. These classes are a compulsory requirement for any person wishing to be baptized in water. These classes are also open for people who are baptized but desire to have more knowledge on the subjects. Upon completion of these classes believers are then eligible for baptism on the third Sunday of the month.

Membership Classes

The membership classes takes place every first, second and third Sundays of the months at the bible college. These classes run concurrently with the new believers’ classes. This class is open for people who have received Christ as the Lord and Savior and have intentions of joining GWCI. Subjects discussed in the membership classes are as follows (1) Foundation of discipleship and living as a disciple of Christ, (2) The importance of church membership and (3) The importance of prayer filled and word filled life.
The main objective of membership classes is to help believers discover their God given purpose and set them on the path to fulfil the purpose and also help believers to become complete follower of Christ by being His disciples.

Basic Christian Counselling Training

It is our firm conviction that all believers should receive basic training on Christian counselling to become effective in their God given sphere of dominance. Our basic counselling training is intended to provide every believer with support when required to step forward and give much needed guidance and comfort to a colleague, friend, family, etc. In essence every believer should become a counsellor.