In the previous study we learned that Genesis is the Seed Plot of the Bible. Themes that begin in Genesis are developed in the rest of the Bible only to end up in the Book of Revelation.

The land produced vegetation, the land is productive (Gen.1:12)

– God created the first and rest we will have to grow through the process of planting seed in order to get a harvest.

– Seed time and harvest time will never cease.

– You reap what you sow

– You might be sowing in tears, you will reap in joy

  1. All sorts of seed-bearing plants, seeds provides for future harvest

– The future of any living thing is in its seed.

– Financial success depends on the seed you sow now

– Marriage

– Relationship.

– Health

– Career

– Family and etc


  1. Be fruitful, not sterile (Gen. 1:28).

– The first instruction given to man is be fruitful

– The kingdom of God is about bearing fruit

– John the Baptist said to the Pharisees, repent and show the fruits of repentance


  1. Multiply, increase human kind (Gen. 1:28).

– The ability to multiply is given to man

– To multiply also means to exponentially increase the same product without losing quality

  1. Replenish the earth with people (Gen. 1:28).

– “neither wild plants nor grains were growing on the earth. For the Lord God had not yet sent rain to water the earth, and there were no people to cultivate the soil.”

Genesis 2:5 NLT

– God will bring creative ideas when people are there to catch and develop them

– Steve Jobs cultivated the idea called Apple

– Bills Gates cultivated Microsoft

– Jeff Bezos cultivated amazon

– Patrice Motsepe cultivated rainbow minerals

– JD Jakes cultivated Potters House

– Eddie and Stella Phetla cultivated Gateway church International

What are you cultivating?

  1. Rule all God’s works (Gen. 1:28; Ps. 😎.

– Child of God you’ve been created to rule over all God’s creation including material resources.

  1. Till the ground and be a partaker of the garden (Gen. 2:15).

– God wants us to enjoy the benefits of our hard work; there is time for every activity under the sun, time work and time to rest. I have inculcated a culture of hard work in our organization; we work hard and play hard also. People see us on Facebook riding motorcycles and traveling, that is just one aspect of what we do.

  1. Protect your dominion from enemies (Gen. 2:15).

– Protect what has been entrusted to you

– Do not allow those who are close to you to speak you out of your purpose

– Resist carnal desires

– Resolve to obey God at all cost


  1. Freely eat of all things except the tree of knowledge (Gen. 1:29-30).

We live under the yes atmosphere; Adam was allowed to eat 99% of what was in the garden.