Leadership Lessons from the of Moses


Get the Right People on Board at the Beginning

Moses was an outsider among the Israelites. Remember, he was never a slave. He was raised in Pharaoh’s palace, a prince of Egypt. When God tells him to lead the people out of Egypt, Moses is terrified. What if they reject me, he wonders?

God suggests Moses speak first to the elders of Israel. In effect, Moses gets the key leaders on board first. He populates his leadership team with family and reputable figures. The presence of his elder brother as his right hand man makes things easier for him. He needed people who had experience and their ears on the ground. Remember Moses was out of the country for 40years, he had to surround himself with people who knows the ins and outs of Egypt.

Their presence gives Moses greater credibility.

Had he not done so, Moses may well have been rejected before he had a chance to lead.

Do you have the right people on board? Did you ever lack credibility because you did not initially get the right support?