Leadership Lessons from the life of Mosses


Invite Different perspectives

We best discern God’s truth when we discuss it from different perspectives.

This idea can make some uncomfortable. Shouldn’t God’s truth be clear and easy to discern? We interpreter the truth based on our personal experiences. Every leader has some blind sports that is why we need a team around us so that we can have a 180 decree view of things. Never surround yourself with people who always agree with you for the sake of peace, winning is not always about pleasing everyone but getting the results.

Well, life is complicated, as is leadership. The answers aren’t always clear. We need to invite different voices into our conversation. Moses does so from the very beginning. He consults with the elders. He consults with Aaron. He even seeks advice from his father-in-law.

Moses is a leader who knows his own limitations. He knows he grows in wisdom as he learns from others. That is why he is called the “most humble man on earth.”

What do you do to ensure that you hear different perspectives on important issues?


Personal story

I’m a serious optimistic, people like us have a tendency to overlook serious facts and hope things will work out. Leaders like me have a tendency to choose people like them.