Leadership Lessons from the Life of Moses


Give Necessary Criticism

Moses teaches us constructive criticism is appropriate and critical.

In Leviticus we read, “You shall reprove your fellow . . .

And you shall not bear a grudge . . .

You shall love your neighbour as yourself.

The above scripture permits reproved and confrontation. God chastise those he love, if you refuse to be reproved you are not a student or child but bustard. Don’t bear a grudge.

Criticism is a form of communication

Feedback helps to identify blind sports

It forces you to think about how you work

The right kind of criticism can give you an advantage

Don’t take it personally

Constructive criticism can be an expression of caring and even love. It demonstrates a desire to lead and help people realize their potential.


What constructive criticism have you received? Did you change your behaviour because of it?