Leadership Lessons from the life of Moses


He used Strategies to unite his followers

The Israelites that left Egypt were made up of 12 tribes. Each tribe had a unique culture and identity. They were joined by non-Israel groups that were called mixed multitudes. Moses had to figure out ways to unify them.

This group came to Egypt as a family of 70 people and 400 years later it was a nation of over 3million.

Remember this was a group of former slaves, who did not know how to volunteer their services but forced labour was the language they understood.


The following were the most effective strategies

He had private miracle session with the leaders of his people first before he could showing them to Pharaoh and his magician 🎩.

Introduction of system and procedures (Laws)

Appointment of capable leaders to assist him

He led with honour and integrity. He never took brides

He publicly disciplined Korah, Dathan and their relatives. Great leaders are not afraid to apply discipline.


What strategies bring you and your co-workers together?

What strategies do you use to overcome natural differences?