34. Joseph was numbered with transgressors (40:1-3); as it was prophesied about Jesus (Isaiah 53:12) and as it was (Mark 15:28).
35. Joseph was the means of blessing to one, but the pronouncer of judgment on the other (40:16, 17, 19); as Jesus was a blessing to one of the thieves He was crucified between (Luke 23:43).
36. Joseph evidenced his knowledge of the future and gave credit to God alone (40:8); as Jesus did the same on earth (John 12:49).
37. Joseph desired to be remembered by the butler (40:14); as Jesus said, “This do in remembrance of Me.” (Luke 22:19)
38. Joseph was put in prison (the tomb) but God would not allow him to remain there because God’s purpose for Joseph was not yet fulfilled. So it was with Jesus Christ, God would not allow Him to remain in the tomb (Acts 2:24). Joseph changed his prison clothes for clothes of glory as did Jesus Christ (John 20:6, 7).
39. Joseph was delivered from prison by the hand of God (God sending a dream to Pharaoh and Joseph’s testimony in 45:7-9); as God raised Jesus from the tomb (Acts 2:32; 10:40).
40. Joseph is seen now as the Revealer of secrets; compare 41:16 with the words of Jesus in John 17:8; 8:28; and 12:49. Compare 41:25 with God revealing what He would shortly do through Jesus Christ in Revelation 1:1.
41. Joseph warned of a coming danger, and urged his hearers to make suitable provision to meet it (41:33-36); as did Jesus Christ warned His hearers that death did not end all but there was a life beyond the grave that one should prepare and be ready for now.
42. Joseph is portrayed as a Wonderful Counsellor in giving wisdom to Pharaoh (41:33-36); as Christ is known as the One “in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col. 2:3).
43. Joseph’s counsel commended itself to Pharaoh and his officers (41:37-39); as did Jesus’ teaching while He walked on earth (Matt. 7:28-29; 13:54; and compare John 7:46 with Genesis 41:38).