1. Pursue True Prosperity – True prosperity is not gaining material wealth only, it’s in glorifying God through the way you live your life. Joseph continued to cultivate and pursue a relation with God, this is true prosperity.

2. Ability to forgive – Joseph forgave his brothers even before they could ask for it. (Genesis 45:4,5)

3. Be Humble – Joseph knew that he was destined to rule over his family, but God allow circumstances that would teach him to be humble.

4. Manage Success – Even though Joseph was sold into slavery by his family that didn’t stop him from blessing them in time of desperate need. (Genesis 45:6-9)

5. Give God all the Credit – Joseph always knew that his gift to interpret dreams came from God. He never took credit and always focused on giving God the glory for that he did.( Genesis 41:16)

6. Have integrity – Joseph’s life is a powerful testimony of the long-term effects of walking in integrity. Temptation will always come, but allow God’s grace to cause you to flee sin and protect you from all of the enemy’s trap.

7. He was diligent – Joseph proved to be diligent in every assignment given to him;

-His father trusted his report over his brothers

-Potiphar left his entire household to Joseph to manage.

-He was made to be in charge of his fellow inmates

-Pharaoh appointed him to rule over the entire land of Egypt