Today I want us to look at the issue of land. If we want to leave an inheritance for our children then, the land issue should be addressed.

Landless success is not sustainable because it cannot be passed to the next generation. In Genesis 2 verse 11 and 12 we read about the river that flowed out of Eden that had four branches, one being Pishon, which flowed around the entire land of Havilah, where gold is found. The gold of that land was exceptionally pure, the aromatic resin and onyx stone were also found there.

Abel was a livestock dealer and Cain was a tiller. A tiller in Hebrew is an abad which means to work, service and cultivate the ground. The Hebrew word for ground is Adamah, which means soil, country and also land. What we often forget is that in addition to farming, there are also precious stones found in the land. Therefore, those who work the land will discover wealth hidden in the land, hidden for the diligent and hardworking individuals. God required offering from both Abel and Cain, they actually needed land in order to produce and also offer to the Lord.

Let us look at the account of Adam’s great grandsons, Jabal was a pioneer of those who lived in tents and raised livestock. Jubal was the first of all those who played the harp and the flute. Genesis 4:20-22. Tubal-Cain was an expert in forging tools of bronze and iron. These are the descendants of Cain who were born after the fall of man but they still showed great desire to invent things which helped generations that came after them.

Mediocrity, is not part of your DNA, you have access to things that they never had. They had no one to learn from. They had no books or internet to Google new ideas, they trusted their intuition. Things like YouTube and Google are the best inventions of this century use them for your advantage.

A long while ago our washing machine was not draining water, as it’s supposed to. I went to YouTube for a step by step tutorial of to fix it and the machine was fixed.

Fellow Africans, we know that getting the land back is a great priority for now, but this will not solve our problems overnight. Let us prepare ourselves and get more expertise; we need to teach ourselves all the things we need to learn. We should never impart a mind-set of mediocrity to our children; let’s encourage them to excel in everything they do.

Let me give you this suggestion, take any subject you want to specialize in, study it online every day for less than 1hour. Especially as these days we have online courses on different subjects. In one year, you will be more knowledgeable than most average people in that area. If you are average in this technologically advanced era, you have no one to blame but yourself. If you want to learn how to raise livestock, grow crops, breed with dogs and so on, just use google. What you need is discipline and consistency.


My story

I always wanted to study in top universities around the world; my desire was limited by resources at that time. I started to pursue my dream few years ago. Since then I have studied with UNISA and Wits University and I have excelled. My next stop is Harvard University, I’ve made enquiries, and it is only $20 000 for that short course, I will be away from home for 1 month. Hint hint, I will welcome early 50th birthday gifts.

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