Slavery: The Israelites were slaves in Egypt for 400 years. Pharaoh oppressed them cruelly, they prayed to God the Creator of heavens and earth, and he answered their prayers, and set them free.

·Rescue (Redemption): God delivered Israel through Moses, and through mighty miracles, and signs and wonders.

The Passover Celebration (12: 1-28) was instituted as an annual observance to remind future generations of this miraculous deliverance from Egyptian bondage.

·Guidance: God led and guided Israel out of Egypt by using plagues, Moses’ heroic courage, and the miracle of the Red Sea. God is trustworthy guide.

·Ten Commandments: God’s Law System had three parts. The Ten Commandments were the first part containing the absolutes of spiritual and moral life.

The Civil Law was the second part, giving the people rules to manage their lives. The Ceremonial Law was the third part, showing them patterns to build the tabernacle and regular worship.

·The Nation: God founded the nation of Israel to be the source of truth and salvation to the entire world. He established it to reflect in their pattern of living that they are his people.

The Decalogue, the priesthood, and his tabernacle were provided for their guidance toward the realization of this goal.

His relationship with his people was loving but firm. This nation had no army, schools, governors, mayors or police when they left Egypt. God instructed them through their constitutional laws and daily practices. He showed them how to worship, and to have national holidays.