Leadership Lessons from the life of Moses

We are going to do a detailed study of the book of Exodus, we can’t have this book without looking at Moses.

Moses was a leader of all times.

It is not only true of the secular world but also of the church world. One of the more fascinating studies in biblical leadership is provided in the Old Testament by Moses.  Moses was

   • A leader

   • A statesman, and

   • A legislator par excellence.

The life of Moses can be divided into three parts as God prepared him to lead the children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt.


3 Parts of Moses’ Leadership Development

– In the first forty years of his life, Moses was natured by his own mother then later lived as Pharaoh’s son which gave him the benefit of the finest training in the world at that time.

– In the second forty years of his life spent in Midian, he became a shepherd so that at the proper time he could become the shepherd to the children of Israel.

– Thirdly, in his last forty years, he used the lessons learned to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt and to the Jordan River.

God used Moses’ life experiences to shape him into the leader the Lord needed for His people to bring them out of bondage into freedom.

God shaped Moses into a charismatic leader with leadership skills in delegation so that he could lead the children of Israel through the wilderness.