Leadership Lessons from the Life of Moses

Take a Stand

Moses is raised in Pharaoh’s palace. He is a prince of Egypt. Because he was raised but his Hebrew mother and played with his Hebrew siblings, he knew who he was. He went out to visit his brethren, he sees slave-masters beating his fellow Israelites. His illusions are shattered. He knows all is not right with the world.

He decides he cannot remain who he was. He needs to challenge slavery. He needs to take a stand against injustice.

This is the first major test of Moses’ leadership.

He is to be born again. The Prince of Egypt” becomes an Israelite again.

All leaders, need to be born again.

What experiences led you to become a leader?

Have you been born again?

“But some shepherds drove Jethro’s daughters away. Then Moses went to their rescue and watered their animals for them.”

Exodus 2:17 GNB

He fought against inequality and sexism. True leaders will fight against established societal norms

Leadership attempts

He inspected slavery of brethren (Ex. 2:11).

He intervened to deliver a brother.

He sought to unite his brethren (Ex. 2:13).

He misjudged his brethren (Acts 7:25).

He became afraid for his life (Ex. 2:14)

He fled from Pharaoh (Ex. 2:15).



#Fight injustice