Leadership from the Life of Moses


Find Your Core

Moses is passionate about justice. It awakens him to empathy with his fellow Israelites.

It leads him to act to defend them. It leads him to defend the helpless Midianite sisters at the well. It leaves him no choice but to accept God’s call to lead the Israelites to freedom.

Moses knows who he is.

He knows what is important to him.

He is not only called by God.

He is also called by a vision of a world redeemed.

What motivates your leadership?

What are your core values?

What problems are you willing to solve for mankind not personal

Opposition from his own people did not discourage Moses from helping them.

The very thing you are called to do might be where you get the most resistance

#don’t give up don’t carve in under pressure.

I know without a show of doubt that my mission is to empower God’s people. The worst attacks comes in the direction. If you want to know God purpose for you life, observe the areas where you get more opposition