Leadership Lessons from the life of Moses


Be Clear About What You Want

Moses expressed his insecurities before God at the burning bush scene that was the end of doubts. Leaders must ask all the questions about things they are not sure about at the planning stages, if changes are needed they should apply them at the planning stages.

When Moses appears before Pharaoh, he comes with a clear message. In God’s name Moses says, “Let my people go so they may serve me.”

Moses does not come with ambivalence. He does not come with doubt. He comes with clarity of conviction and vision, and he reveals them to Pharaoh

Had Moses waffled, Pharaoh would have pounced. He would have led Moses to compromise or delay the dream of freedom. Moses’ faith gave him the clarity. And he put it to good use.

Are you clear about what you want out of your leadership? What can help you become clearer?