Leadership Lessons from the life of Moses


Connect, be easy and be accessible

Moses receives the Ten Commandments and the rest of the Torah on Mount Sinai. He could have proclaimed it from the mountain as well. He could have lectured the Israelites from its comfortable perch.

Yet, Moses chooses another route. He goes amongst the people, teaching and embodying the law. He shows rather than tells.

This connection with the people was especially important at that moment because they had just witnessed God’s power at Sinai. They had seen the smoke and heard the thunder of God’s presence. By teaching and walking amongst them, Moses gives a human face to God’s presence. Moses makes the Torah real. It’s not enough to have an open door policy, take it one step further, don’t just open the door, Walk out the door.

Qualities of Accessible Leaders

. The accessible leader acknowledges you

. The accessible leader opens the door for you

.  The accessible leader invites you to be a part:


How do you connect with people? How do you take complex ideas and make them relevant?