Leadership Lessons from the life of Moses


Find a Good Deputy

Moses and Aaron, get along. Even though he is the elder brother, Aaron becomes Moses’ deputy and mouthpiece. He speaks for Moses before Pharaoh. He fills in for Moses when Moses is called to speak to God. He is the peacemaker when Moses loses his temper.

Aaron helps make Moses Moses.


Moses shows total trust and faith in his deputy by sharing his very anointing the rod, and later it is called the rod of Aaron.

Aaron was appointed to the position of high priest together with his sons, on the other hand, nothing is said about the sons of Moses.

That is a clear sign that Moses was not intimidated by his deputy getting more popularity. Joshua never deputized Moses but he was like a PA.

In the church setting, most assistant Pastors are somewhat the same age as the lead Pastors. When you retire you deputy will be eligible for retirement also. Allow your young successor to choose his own deputy.

A good deputy is there to help the set Man or woman to excel not waiting for the leader to shift so that he can takeover.


Over 90% of the African counties are governed by the same liberation movements that got them independence. That is why the deputies turn to think that they are next to lead.

Your deputy is not necessarily your successor, but your present help.

Moses and his deputy worked together in their roles to accomplish God’s purpose for their generation. Joshua was shadowing Moses so that he can leader well when his turn comes. Joshua came for a different generation that deputy Aaron could not lead. Aaron was from a generation that used a rod but Joshua generation responded to simple instruction of the word.

Do you have a good deputy?

What needs is he or she filling?