Leadership Lessons from the Life of Moses


Be Transparent Where it Counts

The Bible tells us Moses kept meticulous records of all the contributions and the way they were used. He made it clear he did not abuse his power and used all the contributions to build the tabernacle and glorify God. His transparency gave the people greater confidence in his leadership.

Transparency is needed in the church as organization and also as an organism.



Transparency will enhance communication

Transparency will keep the organizational structure intact

Transparency will help to build trust in the Leadership

Transparency will bring more resources



Living organisms have cells, tissues, organs and systems. A brain cell is fully aware of what a liver cell is doing. For the body to function well we need full disclosure of what you are doing in your sphere.

We can’t be hiding behind the concept of divine secrets.


Be Transparent Where it Counts

Certain conversations are meant to take place only between Moses and God. Yet, most of what he knows and believes Moses shares with the people. He is astonishingly transparent, as best evidenced during the construction of the portable tabernacle.


Where do you need to be transparent?

How might it affect those with whom you work?