Although the bible is made up of many different books written over a long period of time by great variety of writers who [most of them] did not know one another, it has organic unity that can be explained from the view-point of God’s inspiration. The writers were inspired by the Holy Spirit to give God’s message to man.

The message of the entire bible is one: Christ – The redemption of man.

– Old Testament Message: The origin of sin and the preparation God has made for the solution of the problem through his Son, Christ, the Messiah.

– New Testament Message: It describes the fulfilment of God’s redemption plan.

A. The Four Gospels: The coming of Messiah and his earthy ministry.

B. Acts of the Apostles: The works of the Holy spirit through the Apostles; and the origin and growth of the Church (the redeemed of God).

C. The Epistles: The meaning and implication of incarnation.

Epistles address questions such as:

– Who believers are in Christ (identity),

– What they have in Christ (possession),

– Where they are in Christ (position),

– And how they should conduct themselves (character).